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Book Review: The Lamentations of a Sombre Sky

Title: The Lamentations of a Sombre Sky
Author: Manan Kapoor
Publisher: Leadstart
Pages: 249
Price: Rs. 250

The novel is both thought provoking as well as powerful set of emotions. As you will start reading, you yourself will relate as if it is a roller coaster ride with major ups and downs and how strongly and bravely one faces it. The book will force you to take pauses and unease your mind describing the situation of Kashmir in 90’s. You can’t stop your tears rolling out of your eyes.

The book beautifully revolves around the 3 friends – Inayat, Aaqib and Gul, who in their teenage enjoy spending time with each other. They bunk their classes to watch their favourite movies, listen to their favourite music in evening. Turning snow into a snowman was their favourite hobby. But unfortunately as the war rages around them, they realized a bit that future is not what they expected or what they have portrayed in their mind.

A heartbreaking, hopeful, beautiful, lovely novel covers all the aspects of life in a beautiful and a descriptive manner. It talks about a girl named Inayat how she bravely faces all the situations that come her way and she believed in one thing that is- Hope!

She took life in a different way always hoping that one day everything will be fine and the war will end soon. She suffers profound loss but manages to hold on her hope and humanity. The book paints the complete picture of Kashmir in 90’s and struggle faced by the people under the relentless watch of both army and military. It shows that how the life of the 3 children and their families has been stuck between the war of army and military. They encounter misfortunes because of the war, the cries, the rifle and the loss of the closed ones will set an emotional setback.

‘The Lamentation of a Sombre Sky’ as the title says shows the deep sorrow of people living in Kashmir and how they still live in a hope. The hope that one day everything will fall back to their place where they belong, and the hope that everything will be fine and the flowers will again bloom in their land.

The book is divided into 3 parts, each part has its own story, own plot with different climax and suspense. Part 2 of the book is very touching and emotional. What actually you would like is the poem written to separate each part of the book. Reading this book can bring lumps in your throat as the incident of Kashmir will make you feel sad and depressed at the same time.

The author tells the story about not only the loss of their lives but also the loss of beautiful surroundings and also the trauma being faced by children at tender age. The words are so expressive and weaved up so impressively that the author will keep you engaged with the novel. Each and every scenario of the book is described in a very descriptive way, feels as if author is himself experiencing this. It is very nicely intertwined and narrative with the conflicts of Kashmir. It proved to be a marvelous piece of creation.  

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