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Interview: Sonara author of ‘The Not People’

Sonara (Soni Arasu) author of ‘The Not People’ is a director at Act of Random Kindness Social Welfare Society or popularly known as ARK, and has also served the Armed Forces. She is an avid blogger and is zealous about lettering her thoughts about the hinterlands she subsists in. Her resilient beliefs mirror the concept of pursuing one’s core candidly. A quintessential gypsy at heart, she has voyaged most parts of India with her husband who is a serving officer in the armed forces and her son, Aries.

Sonara (Soni Arasu)
‘The Not People’ is an odyssey of faith, a plunge of deep belief into the heart of the ones who have ever dared to love unconditionally. When Parineeta decides to call it quits, her relationship with beau Atharv, with whom she had voyaged through unnumbered experiences in an ordinary life, she was sure as hell about never wanting to see him ever again, even if that meant smothering her core voice that screamed out to love and endure. Winds of change begin gushing only after a protracted length of time; almost close to a decade since their separation. She is now not so youthful anymore and Atharv’s status is unknown to her. Will she give in to her heart’s calling and set out to seek her only love? Would her intentions be bestowed by blessings from above? Will it ever rain again, as it had when she had returned once, to meet her dying mother? Are Parineeta and Atharv really, just ordinary people or Not…?

In an exclusive interview with Readersland.com, Sonara talks about her journey as an author and more about the novel.


RL: What made you write this novel? Is there any particular incident you remember?
Sonara: Having grown up watching ordinary yet exceptionally heroic people, gave me an idea of the novel. Almost all the incidents mentioned are a vivid recollection.

RL: How much time did you spent in doing research before writing the book?
Sonara: Didn’t have to research much as most of the portions were memories of a distant and near past.

RL: What was your motivation to write “The Not People”?
Sonara: The beautiful people in my life are the major motivating factor.

RL: Can you tell us more about your latest book “The Not People”?
Sonara: All the chapters in the book have different moods and settings. It’s a travelogue, a comical take on the minuscule happenings of a simple, rural life, a feel of the agony felt by the populace after a calamity, extraordinary relationships, and more-  all encapsulated into one novel- my way!

RL: Are you targeting any specific set of readers?
Sonara: This book is for anyone and everyone who have a deep faith in the invincibility of love.

RL: What is your view about traditional marriage system in our society?
Sonara: I personally feel that as our society is more aware than ever before and people are increasingly choosing their hearts calling over orthodoxy, granting individuals their freedom to choose their partners, if it does not harm another person or the society as such, isn’t a bad idea.

RL: Who is your favorite author?
Sonara: Ayn Rand, Joseph Heller, Arundhati Roy- the list wouldn’t cease and sorry I won’t be able to single out any one of them.

RL: Are you working on any other book?
Sonara: Currently, I’m working on my next project that entails four different stories.

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