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Interview: Vinita Govind author of 'Laughingly Yours'

Author Vinita Govind recently launched her book ‘Laughingly Yours’. ‘Laughingly Yours’ is a collection of ten short stories based on simple events from everyday life. Exploring a range of humorous incidents, each story enters the world of a unique character. From a gaggle of giggly gals to a deeply troubled housewife, from a celebration of Holi to a day at the gym, from a vainglorious warbler to a self-absorbed hypochondriac; the book offers a rib-tickling surprise at every turn.

Author Vinita Govind is a learning design professional. As a freelance correspondent, she has also been published in reputed international newsletters in the UK. She resides in New Delhi with her husband and two sons.

Vinita Govind
In an exclusive interview with ReadersLand.com, Vinita Govind shares more insights about her journey as an author.


RL: How did the idea strike in your mind of writing a humorous book?
Vinita Govind: Well, I was not really writing a book! I had some free time on my hands which I thought I was using pretty well by being a hyperactive, fussy mother. I was following my children’s every move like a hungry hawk and subjecting them to a continuous stream of motherly monologues which chiefly consisted of words such as “You must do…, you should not do…, why are you…?why aren’t you..? I was also pushing them to take up co-curricular activities. My elder son probably pushed harder, because next thing I knew he had placed my lap top on my surprised and not yet formed lap. He then stood and glared at me till I started tapping away first hesitatingly and then hurriedly as words flowed unabated. This resulted in the first story, in over my head.

RL: Was it a challenging task to write 10 different stories?
Vinita Govind: Not at all. I wrote the first story in about two hours. Then having received a positive feedback from ‘the glarer’, I started immediately on the second one-The tail of a shy electrician. This too was completed within three hours or so. The next seven stories were written under the watchful and impressed eyes of my younger son within a span of around 10 days.

RL: Have you ever experienced any funny incident that you would like to share with us?
Vinita Govind: Just like ‘beauty’ lies in the eye of the beholder, ‘funniness’ too is very subjective. The other day I had gone to visit someone in the ICU. Outside the ICU, I saw a woman, dressed up to a hilt, having a loud altercation with the male nurse about letting her in the ICU. The nurse was asking her to be patient and wait as someone was already inside and they did not allow more than one visitor at a time. The lady tuned to me and said, “These people have no idea. I have visited hundreds of people in ICU, and I know all the hospital rules and regulation.” I was already feeling a bit morose about my sick relative, so I just nodded and waited patiently for my turn. The lady continued complaining in the same vein, showing off her status as “a frequent visitor to ICUs everywhere’. Just then the nurse beckoned her to come inside and then pointed towards two containers kept near the ICU door. Smiling victoriously, she marched up to one of the containers, pulled out a ‘Used’ shoe cover, and deftly arranging it over her head like a shower cap she made her way towards the door, only to be stopped by a widely smiling nurse and a loud guffaw from behind.

RL: Was it difficult to describe every character of the story?
Vinita Govind: Surprisingly it was not. Short stories are easier to write. The characters flow along with the plot.

RL: Who inspired you to write a humorous plot?
Vinita Govind: My family and friends.

RL: Who is your favourite author and why?
Vinita Govind: I don’t have a favourite author. I read classics as well as new authors depending upon my current interests and mood.

RL: Are you working on any other project?

Vinita Govind: I am trying to write another book!


  1. True to her every word,Vinita as I know her, she writes what she comprehends from what she sees!.. Amazing sense of humour and master of words n apt phrases. She is at her best when allowed to simply write with no written rules or schemes!.. We eagerly await her next master piece!

  2. The magic of this book lies in the fact that the author through her refined sense of humor inspires us to see the beauty of laughter even through the insipidities and monotony of life. It's the silver lining we all need to find everyday.


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