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Interview: Prerna Khatri author of 'Thousand Unspoken Thoughts'

‘Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’ written by Prerna Khatri brings together the collection of poetry of an amateur poet who uses words to see through the world. The book which was published last year has 50 wonderful poetries.

Prerna, though being an Advocate by profession believes that writing is where her heart lies. The collection is a passage through her mind, where innumerable dreams and aspirations, are brought down to ink. Her writing is not confined to any age group; hence, no censor certificate is required. Keeping that thought aside, she believes in the power of ink, and her poems stand as witness.

Prerna Khatri
Prerna began writing poetry from 2010 and there has been no looking back since. A couple of lazy words spun together, formed stories of their own. In no time, she found herself venturing into different subjects. Time went past, and the interest only grew. She believes that poetry always seemed like a calling.

Prerna recently enrolled at the Bar Council of Tamilnadu and Puducherry as an advocate.

In an exclusive interview with ReadersLand.com, Prerna Khatri shares more insights about her journey as an author and her future projects.


RL: How you realized that you have poetic skills in you?
Prerna: Since I was a child, I’ve always found solace in reading. Reading poetry, in particular, came from most of my English lessons in school. Writing it, however, took much longer. I didn’t realize I had those skills until the day I found myself bored in one of my Economics lectures in college. Since then, I was writing quite often, but I wrote for myself. My family and friends were the ones who encouraged me to pursue different themes, and that’s how this book grew. I think, initially, for any writer, encouragement and support from his/her family and closest friends push them to get better, and be confident about their work. That’s how I realized, and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed in this journey for otherwise, I might have been sheltered inside the pages of my economics textbook.

RL: What does the title ‘Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’ signifies?
Prerna: The title “Thousand Unspoken Thoughts” is a reflection of the numerous thoughts everyone has in their minds. Some voice it out, while others don’t. As for me, I use poetry as a channel for my deepest thoughts which might not always be conveyed in speech. Hence, the title.

RL: How the idea of writing a book of poems come in your mind?
Prerna: Back in 2010, when I started writing, I did not have the conscious thought in my mind to build a collection. I was merely experimenting with different themes, or writing inspired by what I read. I think the idea to write a collection of poems came only around 2014-15 when I realized I had written quite of few of them, and that’s when I began compiling all my stuff.

RL: Who is your favourite poet and why?
Prerna: I don’t think I can point my finger and name only one poet but I read and have been continuously inspired by Rumi, Rabindranath Tagore and Gulzar. I think it’s beautiful how each of them can say so much in just a few words. I have only read the translations, but if those are so beautiful, imagine how the text in their native languages would be. I’d like to cite one of my favourite poems though,

A Thought, Buried

When I buried a thought on paper
A poem opened its eyes beneath an avalanche of words!

A timid voice, faint reaches me:
Why bury me in so many words?
Metaphors struggle in a straitjacket
In the name of art, you stifle all passion.

Does it need so many bricks to seal a thought?

- Gulzar

RL: What was the inspiration or motivation behind writing the book ‘Thousand Unspoken Thoughts’?
Prerna: I think my sole motivation behind compiling this collection is to be able to form a place in the reader’s heart. Personally, poetry has had a huge impact on my life, and I believe that someday I will be able to do the same for someone else. Initially, I used to write only for myself, but over time when my friends and family would read my writing, some of them would say that they could relate to it so easily. And that relatability is what I am working for. I want to be their shelter, something they flip open on a gloomy day or a bright and sunny day, and find something that calms their soul. Isn’t that what poetry does, anyway?

'Thousand Unspoken Thoughts' was created with that intention, and anything I write in the future as well, will live by these ideals.

RL: Can you relate yourself or some of the incidents with your poems?
Prerna: Yes, I can relate to most of the stuff I have written, because each poem has grown out of a story. None of them are related to my personal life, but each of them is special. For instance, my poem on Silence was written when I was on a holiday in Abu Dhabi. My family and I had gone for the desert safari, and as the sun was setting, the silence of the desert consumed me, and I wrote the poem then. Every poem in the collection has some background story to it, and hence, this collection will always remain the closest to my heart.

RL: What are your future projects?

Prerna: I am currently working on my second collection of poems, which will be quite similar to the 1st one. In the sense that it will not have a pre-defined theme. But right now, it’s not completely ready and will take some time. I do want to venture into prose, and at some point of time in the future, I will. However, for now, it is just poetry.  

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  1. its a very healthy sign of times that girls are braking new grounds and venturing into territories less trodden ! and to hear their thoughts which have some good depth to them is another healthy trend ! wishing this young writer good luck for the book published and hoping that this is just the tip of the iceberg !


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