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New Launch: ‘Thoughts & Perceptions’ by Vikram Joshi

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New Delhi

Vikram Joshi, a New Delhi based technology and management professional has launched his maiden book titled ‘Thoughts & Perceptions’. The book consists of 22 poems.

“‘Thoughts & Perceptions’ is my book of poems on the difficult days of my life and that seemed insurmountable earlier. It is a bit of the good and the bad or opposites, as both keep the wheel of life churning like a yin-yang symbol.  While it may seem a bit heavy for the impatient ones who want a quick fix, reality is like that and must be faced. Fantasy is fleeting and facing and tackling reality with grit is the only option we have if we wish to triumph. You will not find fancy prose and romanticism but life’s like that.  I feel that we need to know ourselves the best so as not to be manipulated by the world or our monkey mind. These poems are an expression of the deepest part of me in times of challenges, I hope they can offer some sort of joy to you who are facing your struggle today. Our world is shaped by our thoughts and perceptions and if we give up in our mind, we might as well bow out of life” according to author’s own words.  

About the author

Vikram Joshi is a qualified technology and management professional who has worked in middle management in organizations like HM, Eicher group, Electrolux India, Development Alternatives etc. He likes listening to music across genres, writing poetry, reads avidly though mostly non-fiction, enjoys good films and does tai chi, qigong, dhyana meditation, running and exercise to detox himself. He is a mountain man hailing from Almora in Uttarakhand. He has previously participated in national level full contact karate and has achieved a black belt in Karate and has been able to train in most of the major styles of Karate. He has been a tai chi instructor and a karate instructor at different phases of his life. He is currently planning to explore kata- the forms and the spiritual aspect of Karate. His life has been wrought with serious accidents and illnesses but with God’s grace, he overcame them with triumphs that defied the odds. He has been a vegetarian for some years now in line with his Buddhist interests and concern for life. He believes in a secular faith and practice and he has a deep interest in the dhyana tradition. Poetry is his way of catharsis and talking about his deepest thoughts. He is always looking forward to exploring the hills when sustenance and other responsibilities permit.

Author Vikram Joshi


Author Vikram Joshi has dedicated this book to God- the omnipresent, all embracing, infinite intelligence, love and power that created, runs and pervades the universe and the worlds beyond without bias!

‘All we need to love it without ulterior motives or desires and it will give us more than what we need! I call he/she it because God is without duality and is the ultimate truth. I don’t claim to know the truth but I have felt its love and support when I was in the deepest depths of despair with not even a ray of hope” Vikram Joshi describes.

“God is not a cliché but the deepest truth that can always be there for us!” Vikram further added.

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