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Educationist and Bestselling author Dr. Gaurav Nigam launches the book cover of his second book ‘The Uncomplicated Child’

New Delhi, India, September 15, 2017- Dr. Gaurav Nigam, a well-known educationist, author, paediatrician and, founder of iCare and Intelligentsia, play school of Modern International School launches the book cover of his highly-anticipated second book titled ‘The Uncomplicated Child’. The book cover launch ceremony took place today in New Delhi. Hundreds of his fans attended the book cover launch ceremony and made the occasion a grand success.  

Cover of Dr. Gaurav Nigam's
second book ‘The Uncomplicated Child’
The idea behind the book is to encourage independent thinking among children and motivating them to be more creative in their day to day life. The book will unfold the myth of ‘how children think’ which practically is neither a complicated process nor rocket science. The process of learning has been completely wrongly perceived over the years which is completely diminishing the thinking abilities of children. Rather than making them think out of the box, we focus more on making them think inside the box.  The book also highlights on parenting and schooling system, and special situations of children like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism.

While children are taught basic literacy skills at play schools, they are usually not taught how to identify and express their feelings and emotions. This young generation probably wouldn't know how to describe their inner feelings, and they would eventually feel more frustrated by keeping things inside them. Through this book, Dr. Gaurav Nigam aims at providing practical guidance of learning for children to make them emotionally intelligent and enhance analytical abilities.

Commenting about his second book, Dr. Gaurav Nigam says, “In this digitally driven world, time has come to make our children more independent thinker and also seeing life in a practical aspect. ‘The Uncomplicated Child’ is an attempt to help children understand a cohesive learning process which can make them better human being with independent thinking abilities. The book is also going to be very helpful for parents to understand the psychology of their children which would lead to a better learning environment altogether.”

‘The Uncomplicated Child’ is going to be released in January next year and will be available online as well as offline. 


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